Best TPMS Tools (Review & Buying Guide) in 2023 | The Drive

This simple, easy-to-use tool can save a you a big headache.

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Best TPMS Tools (Review & Buying Guide) in 2023 | The Drive

Keeping your tires in check is easier now more than ever. With TPMS sensors in place, your car tells you if pressure is out of whack and even gives a live reading of tire pressure in some cases. With this system in place, you have almost no excuse not to be running the right tire pressure at all times. That is unless your TPMS sensors are out of whack. But even that is made easy when you add a TPMS tool to your collection. This device is how you keep your tire pressure monitoring system in check. The only thing standing between you and the perfect model for your situation is the hunt, and that's exactly what we're here to handle.

Autel MaxiTPMS New Generation Diagnostic & Service Tool

JDIAG 2IN1 TPMS Relearn Tool

To identify the best TPMS tools available, we searched online for products at different price points and various features, and compared them with user reviews. We also looked at each device's compatibility with different TPMS sensors, gauged how compatible each was with modern vehicles, and chose those that offered the most versatility. Finally, we considered how extensive any given TPMS tool’s features and ability to read different codes was, opting to highlight those that could diagnose more problems for added convenience. To learn more about how we select and rate products, check this out.

TPMS relearn gives access to the vehicle’s ECU for quick diagnostics and reading and writing of the sensors’ IDs

Sensor Check feature allows viewing of TPMS data such as the sensor’s ID, battery, and position, plus tire pressure and temperature

Offers professional-level readings for in-depth information

Sensor programming may be a little awkward

Professional features may confuse first-time users

Activates all tire deflation-triggered and magnetic-triggered sensors found in TPMS units

A lifetime of free updates included

Does not read the battery level of the old sensors (if replacing sensors)

May not work on sensors that are not Autel brand

Simple to operate, even for first-time users

Works on after-market as well as OEM tire pressure sensors

The written instructions could be more complete

Sometimes the tool does not reset the malfunction indicator light (MIL)

Excellent support of the market

Offers all useful data regarding TPMS systems

Instructions aren’t very helpful

Signal strength can see improvement

We chose the Autel MaxiTPMS New Generation Diagnostic & Service Tool as our top choice overall. This is because it recognizes sensors universally and seamlessly connects to your vehicle’s ECU. On the other hand, the hand-held Autel MaxiTPMS TS401 is our choice for best value because it works on 98 percent of today’s cars and trucks.

Tool and sensor compatibility is a major factor to consider when buying a TPMS tool. Some tools are meant to be used with particular car models, while others can be used with a wide selection of vehicles. If you want a TPMS tool you can use on multiple vehicles, get one that’s compatible with American, European, and Asian cars. Most brands fall within these categories. 

The functions of a TPMS tool guide its design and price. While some TPMS tools are basically monitor-only systems, some have more than four functions. They can check the tire pressure, relearn sensors, reset codes, and program sensors. They display this data in real time on an LCD screen.

Battery powered, solar powered, or rechargeable? The power source is an important feature when choosing a TPMS tool. While some tools have nine-volt batteries that last long, there are newer products that have rechargeable batteries or use solar energy. It is also important to know the status of the battery, so you know when it’s time to replace it. 

TPMS tools can range anywhere from $10-$300 or more. Features are a primary determining factor for pricing. More basic models that have very limited functions will run at the lower end of the price scale, while more comprehensive versions sell for much more. Quality and application coverage also factor into what you can expect to pay.

You've got questions. The Drive has answers.

This tool identifies the types of sensors in your tires and the information that the sensors contain. This information is necessary for the sensors to work correctly after you have performed maintenance such as a tire replacement or rotation. You use the tool to perform the proper relearn procedures to reset the system. 

No, only newer cars and trucks. Manufacturers began to install TPMS in vehicles in the 1980s on a few luxury cars. Rollover problems on some vehicles in the late 1990s prompted laws mandating TPMS on U.S. vehicles. As of 2012, all vehicles sold in the U.S. and EU must have a TPMS. 

A: It depends on the kind of sensors your vehicle is equipped with. Many are reprogrammable, and all you need to reprogram them is one of the TPMS tools on our list above.

A: If your OBD2 scanner does come with the ability to read TPMS codes and reset its sensors, then you’ll be able to do so without a specialized TPMS tool. However, if your OBD2 scanner isn’t able to do so, you will need a separate device.

Our reviews are driven by a combination of hands-on testing, expert input, “wisdom of the crowd” assessments from actual buyers, and our own expertise. We always aim to offer genuine, accurate guides to help you find the best picks.

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Best TPMS Tools (Review & Buying Guide) in 2023 | The Drive

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